Yoga, massage and herbal tea to beat anxiety

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Discover the natural remedies and medicines to calm the feeling of malaise and terror that is activated in case of stress and fear. Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, his heart beating fast and the fear of not making it is one of the most common and unpleasant manifestations of stress. Skidding, dizziness, sweating, muscle tension, hot flashes, chills, and feeling of shortness of breath are some of the manifestations of the phenomena anxious, which are nothing but defense mechanisms.

beat anxietyAnxiety is an anticipatory emotional phenomenon that, when it is under control, helps to address and overcome the dangers. But when paralyzes or does not allow to react properly then it becomes pathological. Similarly, fear is a friendly reaction that helps to deal with a danger, but when it becomes excessive flows into phobia and panic. Anxiety disorders can be controlled in various ways.

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Psychotherapy is a valuable tool for dealing with anxiety disorders. Among the most effective is the cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal kind. Both of these techniques are focused on the symptoms and try to help the person to make contact with her fears and to change them. They are based on the here and now, and allow it to deal pragmatically anxious reactions also using relaxation techniques.

Natural remedies

Several plants can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, especially when it comes to transient problems.

  • Lemon balm is appreciated since ancient times for its calming effect. We recommend, in general, the hydro-alcoholic extract, dry extract or the infusion of 3%.
  • Lavender, especially in the form of essential oil, you can use it to massage uniting to vegetable oils or vaporized into the environment. It has a calming effect.
  • The passion flower is a sedative plant, anxiolytic and antispasmodic. Several clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy against simple anxiety. Is traditionally used as a tea in combination with lime, lavender, and hawthorn, or with chamomile, lemon balm and valerian (the latter is effective but unpleasant taste). For an effect that promotes sleep, you can use a hydro-alcoholic extract, standardized to 4%: it takes 20 drops before going to bed. In the case of persistent anxiety symptoms during the day, you can take other 10 drops before each meal.
  • The Kratom is herbal medicine used for relieving stress, anxiety, depression and enhance moods. Kratom normalized and balanced out hormones to prevent symptoms and helps to swing your mood. It also used for relaxation, which helps to deep sleep and fresh mind on wake up. Moreover, it energized the whole body to start your day with new intention.

Note: Be careful … Remember that no plant should be taken if you are already taking anti-anxiety drugs, sleeping pills or antidepressants, because it could enhance (or reduce) the effects of the treatment. It recommended also the intake during pregnancy and lactation.

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Research conducted by American universities of Penn State and Duke and a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine have shown to decrease anxiety and panic attacks in people who practice the discipline of yoga continuously. The practice of yoga asanas, especially of relaxation and breathing exercises, slow down the excitability of the reticular substance, the part of the brain that regulates blood circulation, breathing and sleep patterns. This slowdown is likely to cause a ripple effect throughout the nervous system helping it to regain my composure. It is important to learn not to rush through breathing: hyperventilation, in fact, facilitates the occurrence of anxiety reactions because it brings down to the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood effects with nerve activity. On the contrary, too much carbon dioxide can trigger panic attacks.

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