Working out what your body shape is

How we dress is often determined by our age, but the most important factor is to dress for your body shape. Knowing what suits you and how to highlight your best features means you can fill your Bespoke Fitted wardrobes with clothes that make you look and feel great.

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The main body shapes for women are often referred to as the hourglass figure, the pear, the rectangle, the apple and the inverted triangle. To help determine which one is your body shape, read the descriptions below.

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Probably the most well-known, the hourglass figure is when a woman has a small waist with bigger hips and bust. This shape is often emphasised in Disney movies by princess characters.

The Pear

As you would imagine, this is where the hips and bottom half of the body are bigger than the top half.

The Rectangle

The rectangle body shape tends to be less curvy, with no defined waist and a small chest.

The Apple

This is a rounded and curvy-shaped figure with a large middle area.

The Inverted Triangle

This body shape is where the top half is bigger than the bottom half, making it the opposite of the pear shape.

It is hoped that recent campaigns to celebrate women’s bodies of all shapes and sizes will give young women in particular confidence in their own bodies. Celebrities such as Loose Women’s Andrea McLean recently took part in the Vitality London 10,000 event to promote healthy body image by running in their underwear.

At this time of year, women who are self-conscious about their bodies can lack confidence. Hot summer days mean less clothes to hide under. It is also the wedding season, and everyone wants to look their best for those special occasions. Once you know your body type you will be able to find the perfect outfits for casual and formal events regardless of the time of year. You can accessories this in any way that you wish and really add some personality to your overall outfit.


Not every woman’s body shape falls into one of these five categories; some may have characteristics of two or more. Also, a woman’s body shape can change with pregnancy and menopause. Whatever your shape happens to be right now, you should wear what makes you feel best and be happy with who you are. Celebrate our differences!

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