Why we put on weight when we are stressed? Know what you can do to avoid it

Many times we have heard that stress can be the main enemy of our health and fitness, perhaps because we tend to put on weight when we are stressed. Today we tell you why weight gain happens to stress and what we can do about it.

Why does stress makes you gain weight?

When we are stressed, our whole body suffers, through our mood, the body’s hormones, physical performance, immune system and more, so much so that for different reasons, stress can make us fat.

First, as we have said before, stress can cause an upset in our body that leads us to seek pleasurable foods to eliminate that feeling (temporarily). So, we usually go for fatty foods and / or loaded with sugar.

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On the other hand, it has proven that sugar consumption reduces stress levels in the body and this may become more addicted to the consumption of sweet foods need sugar or whenever we feel stressed.

In addition, stress can promote excessive consumption of foods to make them more palatable to our body and less satisfying but truly enjoyable, as have shown American scientists, hence stress can encourage the combination of foods and foods of poorer quality and more calories in our diet.

As if that were not enough, stress can change the internal environment of the body and encourage the presence of inflammatory factors or hormones that promote fat accumulation such as insulin, hence it has been shown a link between obesity and stress mediated by other endocrine factors.

And we must not forget that stress can affect our habits, leading not only to eat worse and more but also to do so in the midst of an unsuitable environment, or also can reduce our rest and physical activity, both factors associated with increased weight gain and reduced fat burning.

Then, it is clear that stress affects our bodies in different areas causing all comes together to make it very easy to put on weight when we are stressed and very complex diet in these circumstances.

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What can we do to avoid this?

If what you seek is not gaining weight because of stress, it is best to remove the trigger, i.e. act against stress.

To do this, it is advisable to point us to an organized and planned life, set priorities and try to keep nighttime sleep and relaxing activities that can reduce the impact of stress on the body.

But of course, we can apply many tools to reduce stress or the impact of different situations in our body so that they do not stress or adversely affect the body.

Yes , even with all these measures we fail to reduce stress in our lives, we can try to compensate for the effect of it in order to fight the extra kilos in this situation, for example, creating a safe environment for our diet.

That is, if we remove the obesogenic environment and we surround ourselves with a house with healthy food, satiating and not add stress to our body but provide antioxidants, water and good nutrients, we can perhaps lessen the weight gain that can cause stress.

Also, do physical activity even a few minutes a day is good strategy to keep active calorie expenditure, and if we can do a proper intensity that allows us to burn much better fats, for example, we spend less than 30 minutes at a routine HIIT two or three times a week and achieve results.

Clearly we can act on it and although it is always best to eliminate the stress of our life, we can also cope with healthy behaviors way to avoid gaining weight when we are stressed.

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