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Why do we suffer gases? Causes and remedies

Besides the typical tea after meals, we can also include in our dishes as a condiment different spices to favor gas neutralization.

Gas or flatulence are a major nuisance for people who suffer, but also the signal that something is not working properly in our digestive system: how to eat foods that do not digest properly, lack of digestive enzymes, influence stress and emotions, among others.

In this article we explain the different causes that can be originate this problem, as well as simple home remedies that will help you solve it effectively and naturally without taking drugs.

Causes and remedies for gas
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What causes gas?

There are multiple different reasons that we generate gases or flatulence after meals. The we review below:

  • Eating without properly chewing too fast or while we are talking, as this causes swallow air between bites.
  • Fermented foods in our stomach for lack of gastric acid.
  • Foods that our body does not tolerate or properly assimilated. The most common are those containing gluten or lactose.
  • Imbalances in the intestinal flora.
  • Flatulent food consumption, such as legumes, sprouts, onions, artichokes, etc.
  • Consumption of some supplements for constipation rich in fiber, such as those containing flax, psyllium or fiber.

In addition, other indirect issues also cause the appearance of gases, such as the following:

  • Stress and emotional tensions
  • sedentary

Relax with melissa

The first step to prevent the gases must be relearn how to eat, unhurried, in a pleasant and quiet environment, alone or in good company and not be doing other tasks.

If we are people nervous, we are experiencing stress or anxiety or eat in a situation that affects us without we can help, we can also take infusions help us to relax over the morning or afternoon, a few hours before meals. One of the most suitable is the lemon balm, which balances our nervous and digestive system.

If we cannot take infusion, we can also choose to extract or tablets.

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Ginger to stimulate digestion

The ginger is very beneficial to our health for many reasons root, but in this article we highlight its property to stimulate the secretion of gastric juices that help us digest food well. Unless we suffer gastroesophageal reflux, for example by having a hiatal hernia, this root is very appropriate to take daily before our meals. We can take it in tea or chewing a slice of raw ginger. We can also buy candied ginger, which combines sweet and spicy flavors and will be an excellent and healthy snack.

Cooking with cumin and fennel

We can also get used to include in our meals some medicinal plants that help us to combat gas, using them as spices. The most effective are the cumin and fennel and we should not hesitate to add them to our cooking, especially in the case of legumes and vegetables flatulent, as we mentioned at the beginning. They will give you a slightly different flavor. However, change it too and we are always time to add other culinary plants to give different touches of flavor.

The enzymes of pineapple and papaya

Whenever you eat meat or fish as a main dish, accompanied by vegetables or salad, can take dessert or accompanying some pineapple or fresh papaya, as these tropical fruits contain enzymes that help us digest the protein. Instead we shall disregard if these fruits are the main meal flours or starches (pasta, pizza, bread, potato), and in that case it difficult digestion.

Usually only apple and pear are two fruits that we can take in food, and the rest just worsen digestion, as they cause fermentation that produce gases. Much healthier is taking them mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

In pharmacies or herbalists, we can also find supplements containing digestive enzymes, which can take seasons without abusing them, and it is best to promote our stomach to function properly by himself.

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