When Should a Child Have Their First Dental Visit?

There is some debate about how old a child needs to be before making their first trip to the dental clinic. Some parents prefer to wait until they are two years old and are more cognizant of what is going on, but this can often backfire. Your child might become overly anxious, cry and feel completely traumatized. The best time to take your child for their initial check-up is roughly six months after the first tooth has made an appearance.

Easing Dental Anxiety Early

Children at to and three years old that are vising the dentist for the first time will most likely experience a high level of anxiety. Exposing children early to the activity surrounding a normal dental visit is beneficial for their continued involvement in receiving professional oral care. Exposure as early as one year can reduce dental visit anxiety measurably and give children a favorable view of dental care.

Detecting Dental Abnormalities

The earlier serious dental abnormalities and problems are noticed, the better the results will be in getting repairs and corrections done. Poor jaw alignment, overbites and missing adult teeth can all be handled right away. It provides the best possible outcome for a healthy adult mouth and smile. A dentist can gather a wealth of information on future dental needs by providing early visits.

Ensuring Space for Adult Teeth

Dental x-rays taken in small children tell an honest tale about the health, availability and room for all adult teeth. Special procedures can be done to handle missing adult teeth, or lack of space, which will lead to crowding of the teeth as the child grows. Getting a head start on a healthy set of adult teeth is a priceless gift for your children.

Teaching and Practicing Good Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene comes through motivation and education. If you place importance on their dental health, young children will respond positively. They will set aside the time to brush and floss teeth without a fuss. They may need assistance, but it will have more importance. This is the easiest way to start them off in life developing good oral care habits.

Trust experts like Far Headingley Dental Clinic to create the right environment for their first dental visit. Start them off in life with the best dental care possible for a brilliant smile in their future.

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