What to do when it’s really hot and it hurts our body

When its really hot

In terms with frequent heat waves in the summer months, which are boosted temperatures well over 35 degrees: TV, newspapers and media in general do little more than provide advice on how to behave in these times of the year rather “hot”.

Remember to drink frequently, avoid going out during the hottest hours of the day, try to do physical activity when the air is cooler, protect yourself with a hat and sunglasses, open the windows and change of air to the rooms in the house in the morning and close the blinds when the sun is high, pay attention to the transition from naturally hot environments to other conditioned, light dressing in light colors, consume fresh fruits and vegetables.

But when the heat is unbearable, they can arise very annoying and debilitating disorders, let us see what are the most common and how to best address them.

When its really hot
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Symptoms: Early symptoms consist of sweating and chest pain and the cause is often due to ingestion of iced drinks in an overheated body, during or after meals. Excessive blood supply may delay and / or block the digestive processes.

Remedies: Suspend all activity, sit and / or lie down. If despite this congestion is not resolved, consult a doctor.


Symptoms: Feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs…

Remedy: Remove too tight clothing and footwear, lie down holding his legs raised, higher than the head and use, even for sleep, a pillow under your feet. Very helpful, the sea, walking in water.

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Heat exhaustion

Symptoms: Sudden malaise, headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting until you get to anxiety and confusion, with possible loss of consciousness. The body temperature increases rapidly (within 10-15 minutes) even up to 40°-41°, the blood pressure decreases sharply, the skin appears red and dry because perspiration ceases.

Remedies: Ask medical help right away and in the meantime to stretch those who feel bad in the shade, in a cool, ventilated place, with legs raised with respect to the body. To lower the body temperature to put an ice pack on your head, wrap the person in a sheet or a wet towel in cold water, drinking water with added minerals.

Muscle cramps

Symptoms: Sweating with loss of fluids and minerals, muscle spasms.

Remedies: Go to a cool and ventilated place, drink water. If cramps persist, seek medical attention.


Symptoms: Significant increase in respiratory rate than normal (tachypnea: 16-20 breaths per minute in adults, with the addition of symptoms such as nausea, headache, low blood pressure and skin cold, pale and clammy.

Remedies: Ask medical help right away, but in the meantime bring a person in a cool, ventilated place and let it rest, freeing it from the heavier garments. Let her drink beverages, possibly with minerals.

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