What To Do In Case Of Hypothermia?

What To Do In Case Of Hypothermia

Since the temperature body proper is 37° C when the temperature drops below 35° C the body goes into hypothermia and should be treated very quickly; why we will teach you what to do in case of hypothermia.

What to do in case of hypothermia?

You can enter this state to fall into cold water or being under very cold conditions for some time.

Symptoms of hypothermia

Although symptoms of hypothermia vary depending on how low the temperature of a person and is divided into several phases as the temperature drops :

Phase 1

Phase is characterized are launched several defense mechanisms :

– Glasses saguaros that contract mainly in the extremities
– Chills
– Acceleration of breathing
– Increased heart rate
– Fatigue
– Muscles of the feet and hands that do not respond well

Second phase

– Pale
– Tremors and chills much more marked
– slow and uncoordinated movements
– Tips limbs or lips may turn bluish

Third phase or deep phase

– Skin completely blue
– No tremors, in fact there is great difficulty in movement
– Drowsiness and confusion of mind
– Decreased breathing and heartbeat
– Failure of other organs

Read the following tips to know how to treat a person with a mild hypothermia, while waiting for medical help.

– Place the person with hypothermia on a warm location, remove wet clothing, dry the person and replace it with as quickly as you can dry clothes.

– Involve the person with blankets or towels and protects the patient’s head, or by means of body heat, hugging them carefully.

– Offer her hot drinks with no alcohol, such as soup or chocolate. and keep the patient warm.

– In Case the patient is unconscious , not breathing or has no pulse in the neck after 60 seconds, it is essential to perform a cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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