What If I Have Allergies To Shellfish?

What If I Have Allergies To Shellfish

Have you ever wondered what to do if I have allergies to shellfish? If you have the misfortune of having this type of allergy today we give you some tips to cope best.

Seafood is, with fish, one of the foods that produce allergies. However has not been shown that both are related. Crustaceans are the type of seafood allergy generates more often.

It may be the case sensitivity seafood is so large that the single inhalation of vapors or touch cooking allergy symptoms appear. These usually appear between 15 minutes and 2 hours after ingestion, but not necessarily so.

Tips for coping with shellfish allergy

From this, we will expose a number of tips that will help us overcome this allergy:

Unfortunately, those allergic to shellfish just have a really effective treatment: Do not eat. And speaking of overly sensitive people do not even need to be exposed to it.

It is recommended that allergic carry a plate or wristband indicating their allergies.

We must be careful if oil used for cooking seafood not use it for a meal that will test an allergy to shellfish.

Sometimes it is appropriate to take with us a shot of adrenaline and who accompany us know administer properly. This should be discussed with an allergist.

Similarly, utensils and containers have been used for shellfish should be washed thoroughly before reuse.

Recall that if we are allergic to one type of seafood is also likely to be what the whole family is part.

It is best to avoid restaurants specializing in seafood and review and ask that the food we ordered do not include it.

Processed products we acquire we have to review them carefully.

We must also warn the doctor and pharmacist that are allergic to shellfish before taking any medication.

They are small habits that will help us not to shocks and, as we see, are not difficult to perform.

Bottom line: If I have allergies to shellfish only I have to pay a little more attention than other people and of course any doubt, call a physician.

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