What diseases can lead to a poor diet?

Poor diet

Food is considered as the first pillar in the path of health. Modern life is leading us to feed an impromptu, rapid and unbalanced way and as a result, we live in a society with serious nutritional deficiencies and high rate of obesity. At this point, no one doubts that the way we eat largely determines our health and even our feelings.

Every time there is a higher percentage of people who are unhappy with their fitness and living in conflict as they are and as they would like to be, but unfortunately, not in keeping with your daily habits.

Poor diet
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Poor diet can trigger warnings in the form of symptoms that fire alarm in our body to become aware of the serious consequences that can suffer:


– Cholesterol: It is due to the presence of high levels of cholesterol in the blood that can cause problems especially circulatory and heart level.

– Uric acid: It is due to increased levels of this substance in the blood, derived from high intake of trans fats and animal protein and can cause diseases such as gout, etc.

– Hypertension:  It is because the blood travels through the arteries at a higher pressure than it should and can cause heart attacks, strokes, etc. Stress is one of the silent triggers of this disease.

– Anemia:  It is caused by a deficiency of an essential nutrient for health such as iron but may have other causes. It is the decrease in concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. Anemia causes weakness and sleep disturbances, heart, etc.

– Kidney stones:  They are mineral groups that may be present in the pelvis, kidney or ureters.The most common are the stones which are formed by the accumulation of calcium.

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– Diabetes: Difficulty process sugars by the body. It may be because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or good or because the body ‘s cells do not respond to insulin produced by the pancreas.

–  Depression:  Several recent studies claim that taking trans and saturated fats increases the risk of depression  and altering the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain.

–  Gastritis:  At present much poor quality flour consumed with baking powder, sugar and other artificial ingredients that totally  go injuring our gut.

All these and other diseases are directly related to our diet. Have you noticed how easy it would prevent if consignees nourish properly every time you eat? Your food is something that is under your control. Every time you go to eat pay attention to whether that food gives or takes away energy and how you will feel afterwards.

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