What Can Be The Tingling In Arms And Legs?

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The tingling in the arms or feet, or both things are a very common and distressing symptom and can sometimes be mild and transient, due to pressure exerted, but soon relieved by removing the pressure.

What could be the tingling in arms and legs?

At other times they can be severe or chronic episodes, which are accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain, itching, numbness and loss of muscle mass, and may be a sign of nerve damage, which may be the result of traumatic injuries, causes bacterial, viral infections, exposure to toxic substances, and systemic diseases as with diabetes.

HealthSuch nerve damage is known as peripheral neuropathy, affecting distant nerves to the brain and spinal cord, often in the hands and feet, leading to a decreased mobility and to the extent of disability.

What causes tingling in the hands and feet?

The main causes are:

– A third of the cases of peripheral neuropathy, have unknown causes.

– One of the most common causes of peripheral neuropathy, which represents about one third of cases, is the diabetes.

– 40% remaining cases have a variety of causes such as: systemic diseases, such as liver disorders or cancers that affect nerves, syndromes nerve entrapment such as carpal tunnel syndrome, deficiency of vitamins E and group B, toxins, antivirals, antibiotics or chemotherapeutic drugs and alcohol.

Other causes are hereditary disorders, infections, autoimmune diseases or injuries that affect the nerves, as with herniated discs.

Treatments tingling in hands and feet

For treatment depends on an accurate diagnosis and although there are no treatments available for legacy types of peripheral neuropathy, many of the types that are acquired can improve with treatment.

As for the lifestyle of people with peripheral neuropathy, it is important to maintain an optimal weight , avoiding or limiting alcohol consumption, make a balanced diet, avoid exposure to toxins, make exercise and stop smoking.

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