Vitamin A: The use of the content in products and applications


What It Is?

Vitamin A has been opened from the first one (hence the name) and was first isolated from carrots. Therefore, vitamin A called carotenoids group – from the word – carrot. In nature, there are two forms of vitamin A – vitamin itself and pro-vitamin (carotene). Carotenes (the most famous – beta) are found in many fruits and vegetables (mostly reds) and entering the body, broken down in the liver to vitamin A.

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Beneficial Features


Vitamin A is also called retinol. The name may be familiar to you – this component is often included in the composition of cosmetic products due to its anti-aging properties. Vitamin A is involved in the growth of new cells, protein synthesis, formation of cellular and subcellular membranes. So often dry hair, dandruff, premature wrinkles, skin problems associated with a lack of vitamin A.

Retinol stimulates collagen synthesis and is required for maintenance and recovery of epithelial tissue, so he appreciated in cosmetology. However, in creams and masks as it enters retinoids – synthetic analogues. Furthermore, vitamin A is used for medicinal purposes and to combat acne and psoriasis.


Of course, vitamin A is best known for its beneficial effect on eyesight. The liver, in which the vitamin is found in a large number of old, used as a means of “night blindness” – a disorder of the night. This state is possible only in case of prolonged absence of vitamin A in the human diet, because of which stops the synthesis of photosensitive material, which is part of the retina eyes sticks. It sticks are responsible for night vision. As a result, they cease to function adequately and the person loses the ability to see at dusk.

For the protection of our eyes meet and zeaksentin lutein – carotenoids they prevent the development of cataracts and protects the macula – the body that provides the visual acuity in the retina – from degradation, preventing blindness.


Like any other vitamin retinol is required to maintain immunity: it enhances the protective properties of the mucous membranes, increasing phagocytic function of leukocytes.

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Another important property is the carotenoid antioxidant effect: they actively fight free radicals, and this is another reason for the popularity of this vitamin among manufacturers of cosmetics. This vitamin A is particularly effective in conjunction with vitamin E – the lack of the latter prevents the absorption of retinol.


Carotene and Retinol deposited in the liver and stored there for one to two years, so their use is optionally every day. It is also not recommended to take carotene together with alcohol. This vitamin is cleaved in the liver, and alcohol for her – the main enemy. The combination of these two products can harm the liver twice – an excess of vitamin A causes dysfunction and alcohol exacerbates it.

Where to Get Vitamin A?

In its natural, ready-to-assimilate form of vitamin A is found in beef liver, egg yolk, fish oil, butter. Carotene rich carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, bell pepper. They are also found in greens – parsley, dill, celery.

The average rate for an adult – from 800 to 1000 mcg.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamins relates, therefore it is practically not destroyed by cooking. On the other hand, carotene is very sensitive to bright light and oxygen, so the vegetables and herbs are best kept in a dark, dry and cool place, for example, on special shelves in the refrigerator. The same applies to dairy products, especially butter – always keep it in a closed container.

Use as Cosmetic Product

Retinol helps to quickly tidy up problem skin. It is effective in the fight against acne, blackheads and spots, smooths wrinkles, improves complexion and improves skin elasticity. The active ingredient can be used an oil solution of retinol acetate, which is sold in the pharmacy, – add it to the domestic cosmetic mask. Pre-need to check whether you have an allergy to the drug – it drip a little money on the wrist. Pure oil is better not to use, it’s still a concentrated drug.

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