Types of make-up brushes: shapes and sizes

make-up brushes

What is the difference between a normal makeup and a perfect make-up? Understand more about brushes for make-up; know their shapes, sizes and purposes, it is important to always have excellent results for your look.

The brushes for make-up and their variety, helps you to be much more precise in stage makeup and know how to use properly will enable you to achieve perfect results without encountering any blunders. We see all the types of brushes in commerce and compose your basic kit essential for make-up!

Types of brushes for make-up

The brushes for make-up are as an extension of the fingers and are necessary to achieve the desired results. There are many and different types of brushes, each with its own specificity, so they can choose the best one must understand the function. The main method is to divide the brushes according to the section in which they are used.

For the eyes, there are three forms of brushes and serve to properly lay out the trick: in particular, we find a brush for larger areas, another to cure the shading and yet another for action on ciliary rhyme.

make-up brushes
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If you want to intervene in order to give a more delineated shape to your cheeks, you have to know that there are two types of brushes suitable: a brush from the rounded tip and an oblique form, used to “sculpt” the cheekbones giving a more precise form.

For lips are useful fine brushes and pointed, used to give a perfect line lips and define them better. Other brush is that cat’s tongue, useful for filling the lips and give more color for a consistent effect.

Time ago we gave you any suggestions for a perfect make-up; today we give you a list of brushes for your makeup …

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  • From foundation brush: Useful to lay the foundation and is presented with synthetic bristles and a rounded shape. The brush should have bristles compact, so that during the application will not highlight annoying stripes.
  • Brush corrector: Is identical to brush foundation if not for the size, a little ‘longer reduced. In particular used for cream eyeshadows
  • Powder brush: It is much larger than the previous ones and is characterized by its softness. The compactness of its bristles, determines the uniformity of the powder drawing on your face.
  • Kabuki is recognizable by the very short handle and because of the soft, compact bristles. Used for the mineral foundation, has different sizes (the larger, the wider the part where the foundation will be applied)
  • Blush brush: Brush similar to the powder but smaller. The blush brush is used to spread the blush on her cheeks, but is also used for the lands, the lighting and, if desired, also to the powder itself.
  • Brush angled eyes: Small brush, with angled tip and can be found in synthetic and natural bristle brush. It can be used both for the eyeliner application to redraw their eyebrows.
  • Eye shadow brush: Certainly the most famous, being the most used, the eyeshadow brush is used to apply eye shadow all over the eye.
  • By gradient brush: It is a soft brush and with the round tip and with natural bristles (most of the time). It serves to blur the eyeshadow.
  • Brush Pen: Precisely similar to a pen, this brush is characterized by very compact bristles can apply eye shadow in the crease and the bottom.
  • Eyeliner brush: Small brush, usually in synthetic bristles. Allows the application of eyeliner gel and, depending on the size and form, is also used for more or less precise interventions on the eye.

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