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If you are tired of the order of acne, do not get depressed. Begin serious about its own power today. It is necessary to adjust your diet, and soon you will notice that the pimples have ceased to be a problem. And to help you get rid of acne 5 products.

These 5 products are included dietitians in a special program aimed at improvement of the body, they are able to improve the skin.


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1) Normal hours A perfect water: Drink plenty of water in order to keep your skin healthy and youthful. And do not drink carbonated beverages. Make it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day, not including drinks and soup. Water promotes the renewal of skin cells and prevent the occurrence of acne.

2) Natural Olive Oil: Cook food only in olive oil. This unique product is a lot of advantages. Oil will support the health and cleanse the skin from acne. And his special value in that it is – a natural source of essential fat-soluble acids for the body.

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3) Nuts and wheat: These products – the best sources of selenium, which plays a vital role in valuable skin cell health. Selenium helps to restore damaged skin cells, prevents acne. The nuts have omega-3 oils that make the skin smooth and velvety. Include these foods in the diet, and the skin is not only clears acne, but also significantly grow young in appearance.

4) Green tea: Recognized source of anti-inflammatory chemical element catechin. This substance helps to clear the skin of acne, protects the skin from free radicals that become the cause of damage to the skin cells.

5) Meat and fish: Extremely rich in protein, and protein-rich food consumption is a remarkable prevention of acne. Protein should definitely be in your daily diet. Leather with it not only becomes healthy and smooth, but in addition, you can enjoy a more seductive shape. Since, according to research, eating protein is easy to get rid of excess weight.

Do not let acne take over. Take care of yourself, without delay, right now. Review and change your diet, adding the products that will serve as an obstacle to the emergence of acne. Soon there will be no trace of them. And you will feel very happy and beautiful.

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