Top 5 important facts about human metabolism


The problem of overweight is not familiar to those who have a normal metabolism. Are you worried about extra pounds? Then it is enough to establish a metabolism, and your weight after that – certainly normalizes.

In order to assess their metabolic rate, do not need some complicated expensive medical research. You can do it yourself, just by watching your body.

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1. Metabolism – What is it and what is its “norm”?

Metabolism is characterized mainly by two components: the quantity and quality of what we consume (food, water, oxygen), as well as the frequency and volume of what our body releases (with sweat, Urine, stool and even breathing). At the same time, if you can judge by the excretory processes how your organism works and how the metabolism is carried out, then, by adjusting the menu and way of life, it is possible to influence the metabolic rate.

2. Frequent breathing

Average healthy person in a calm state commits approximately 16-18 respiratory movements per minute. If you breathe more often, and the shortness of breath is often your companion – then something is wrong in the work of your body, and you need to try to find the cause. These can be problems with the upper respiratory tract, lungs, and bronchi. In this case, help should be sought from pulmonologist. Rapid breathing can be caused by unstable work of the cardiovascular system – the prerogative of a cardiologist. In addition, if your weight is much higher than normal, this is also a reason to think about a possible problem. In any case, rapid breathing indicates a violation in the work of the body, including in the process of metabolism.

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3. Normal breathing and slow breathing

Less common than normal breathing: 14 and fewer respiratory movements per minute may be in athletes and those who practice yoga, qigong and other health practices (this allows their trained body).

Having adjusted the metabolism, you will not only improve your health, but also normalize your weight.

This too can cause shortness of breath. If there are signs of obesity, go to the endocrinologist.

4. Mode of nutrition and excretion

The daily volume of food for a healthy adult should be 1 liter. In this case, it should be used in small portions (250-330 ml) in 3-4 divided doses. This can be a bowl of porridge for breakfast, a bowl of soup with a piece of meat or fish for lunch and a serving of stewed vegetables for dinner. This volume is quickly digested and well absorbed by the body.

With good metabolism, bowel evacuation should occur daily (ideally – in the morning). This chair 2 times a day and 1 time in 2 days is slightly accelerated (like metabolism) and slightly slowed down, respectively. Another frequency is a serious cause for concern, requiring the identification of the cause of this failure.

5. Take a course on acceleration

If observations show that you have a slow metabolism, take advantage of our advice to disperse the metabolism. However, take into account that in this process your mood and desire is very important. Of the gloomy observance of the recommendations, nothing good will come of it. The body does not tolerate violence and if you stick to any diet through strength, then instead of health and ease you risk getting weakness and exhaustion. If you do business with hunting and a clear understanding of why you need it, the result will not keep you waiting long, and, it is possible, will even exceed your expectations.

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