Tips For Talking With Your Child About Masterbation

Tips For Talking With Your Child About Masterbation

Masturbation is one of those topics that parents do not know how to talk to children and would like to avoid; however, the sooner you talk, they can understand what happens to your body and pulses having. But how about masturbation with children?


Children masturbate out of curiosity, often without knowing what they are doing, but being an action that gives them pleasure is likely to do it again.

Explore your body and discover how it works, is natural in children; however, not all families see it that way. Many parents wait until their children ask them about sexuality to bring up the subject of masturbation, however, we must talk. An appropriate age to discuss masturbation with children is at 8 years.

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Find a son masturbating is one of the things that parents want to avoid seeing. If by accident or neglect your child you see that behavior, the best you can do is retreat and wait for it to present an opportunity to talk to him about it. No way should you rebuke because this behavior in children is normal.


You can explain to your child that the urge to masturbate is normal in children, and there is no reason to be embarrassed. But you must show that it is an intimate act that should be done in private, never in public, and not because it is bad behavior, but because there are things that are done in public and another in private.

If your child asks questions related to masturbation and sexuality, you must answer clearly, and especially without shame, thus perceive that it is a topic that can talk to you and that is no taboo.

As a parent you have to be ready to talk to your children about any subject, and much more when it comes to issues of intimacy and sexuality. If your children do not have the confidence to discuss these issues with you, they feel that there is something wrong with their behavior, they must hide from you, and seek information elsewhere. It is not know everything as a mother or control everything, but provides all possible information to grow with knowledge.

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