Tips For Improving Our Mental Agility


Caring and training our brain we can improve our mental agility, so we will see some tips on how.

For many years it was thought that the loss of mental agility course as part of the aging process. The aging of the brain associated with memory loss, agility and functionality.However, recent studies have shown that, despite the aging brain can continue to function actively and effectively in older people, provided we are aware of their needs for nutrition, stress reduction, the activity, physical and mental exercise, and more.

Conversely, if a person spends much of his time to be a spectator, who spends many hours in front of a television, does not lead a healthy diet and life is pretty sedentary, surely will diminish progressively mental agility.

How to improve mental agility

Mental agility must be developed throughout our life, something that can be done in multiple ways. Today we are going to give a series of tips for all ages that will help us to improve our brain power. If we follow these guidelines will notice quickly improving our mental agility, since the brain adapts well to change, especially when they are to improve their health. Of course, like any form of exercise, it is important to be consistent to achieve good results.

– Make exercise or sport regularly

Exercise is essential to enjoy a good health, mental and psycho. Sport helps to eliminate stress, which in turn promotes the proper functioning of the brain. It has been shown that moderate physical activity helps in the creation of new neurons in the hippo campus.

So you know, leaving a sedentary lifestyle and start exercising. No need for you to crush, you can go starting slowly, with rides, small runs or dancing. Surely that soon you’ll feel better and you will notice that you enjoy greater mental agility.

– Bring a healthy balanced diet

Food plays a fundamental role in maintaining good mental agility. It is more than shown to lead unhealthy lifestyles creates serious problems in the medium and long term in our body, including the brain.

In particular, it is noteworthy diets rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which promote new neurons born and could delay the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

The best way to lead a healthy diet and adapted to our physical condition and age is to go to a specialist to fix us a meal plan our measure.

– Make mental exercise

We must not only exercise our muscles, but also the mind. To do this, nothing better than being restless, eager to learn new things people. Learning a language, reading, mathematics, or play an instrument are intellectual activities as recommended because they help develop our mental capacity. It is also very important social relations, as they improve mood and provide a better connection between neurons.

– Relaxation and meditation to improve mental agility

These activities should be compulsory in our lives for the huge profits they have for our health. By reducing stress, anxiety and physical and mental exhaustion, will help us to free our minds of many problems facing us every day. Recent studies have shown that practicing meditation daily for two months would help significantly to improve memory, reduce stress levels, improve empathy and self-awareness.

– A good rest

To ensure that our brain to function properly is essential that we give the necessary rest. And is that sleep plays a vital role in memory, learning ability and concentration. We have all found ourselves as if one day we slept little and / or poor, the day has cost us much attention and keep a good memory.

– Have good attitude to life

Be positive, an active and healthy life and enjoy good sense of humor are helpful when a good memory and mental agility.

– Practice the skills of your mind

It is very advisable to perform exercises that help us develop abilities such as memory, concentration and learning.

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