The rules to follow for good wake up in the morning


How many times you wake up in the morning and feeling tired already? It happens because we sleep little or badly or even because during the day the lifestyle is not the best. Waking up refreshed, however, is important because it gives the right energy to face the daily grind.

How then to wake up well in the morning? Here are some tips or remedies…

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Disciplines fluid

Do sports during the day helps you rest better. But there are some new disciplines particularly relaxing as well as enjoyable. Some examples? The Embodied Flow, a discipline that combines dance and yoga and diet from writer and director Tara Judelle that also deals with welfare. An alternative is the Gyrotonic, which instead relaxes muscles and increases coordination.

Work on yourself

What happens during the day has a particular impact on sleep quality. It is a matter of anxiety and worries that afflict us and reappear when you go to sleep. And in the morning, they are still there. Work on yourself it is important then to learn to deal with this without being obsessed. Live moment by moment, you understand yourself and be your best friend. This helps you live more serene. And sleep better.

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The Feng Shui … order!

The place around us has a significant influence. The rules of Feng Shui are undervalued but would instead try. Parts from the reorganization around you, get rid of unnecessary things, you take away from the room where you sleep everything about work and concerns. Delete objects from under the bed and tidying closets and drawers. Seeing is believing.

Diet? The right foods

Some foods help you rest better and feel in the morning forces. Which? Those rich in omega 3, tryptophan, and those that stimulate the production of melatonin. Then yes in nuts, bananas and pumpkin seeds. But also spinach and rice, rich in magnesium.

The evening of pampering

In the evening allow yourself a little pampering: a massage on the face is the perfect thing because it regenerates the skin, in addition to being pleasant. The more advice? Make a massage also at the foot. Better yet if there is someone who gives you this cuddle!

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