The perfect post workout drink

post workout drink

By reading this article you will discover the secret behind the preparation of a post workout drink that makes the maximum in terms of yield and digestibility.

Did you know that the moment just after training is the most important time to introduce foods that your body needs.

You maximize the recovery, anabolism, the results!

Beginning with the first describe that gastric emptying is the process of digestion and the subsequent passage of food in the intestinal tract of the human body.

The osmolarity instead is the concentration of particles of a particular solute in a solution.

Two basic concepts that will be needed to better understand what I will explain below …

post workout drink
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What are the key ingredients?

The first ingredient of which I speak is the dextrose, simple sugar that possesses glycemic index of 100.

The second ingredient are the maltodextrins, i.e. corn starches, and cooked in acids added followed and enzymes to split the long chains of glucose molecules, more small chains held linked by weak hydrogen bonds.

Argue that glucose and maltodextrin are respectively a simple sugar and a complex sugar do not think so right, in fact, maltodextrins have small chains of glucose molecules linked by bonds so weak that are quickly split in our bodies.

But if both of these “sugars” have a high glycemic index what changes?

Why use both?

Once digested dextrose and maltodextrin, into the blood pours their final product, namely glucose.

It takes three roads …

1) Stored directly inside the muscle cells

2) Stored in the liver glycogen form

3) Converted into fatty tissue as an energy storage (and this I would say that it would definitely avoid it?)

Assuming that the top priority to maximize recovery and anabolism immediately after training is that the drink to be taken should be assimilated quickly, then walk quickly from the stomach to the intestine and then into the blood. This is the key to everything!

The rate at which the stomach empties is inversely proportional osmolarity of the solution. To make an example: if I drink half a glass of water with twenty molecules of glucose, the digeridoo more slowly that the same twenty molecules but in a full glass of water. The greater the amount of free glucose molecules, the greater the concentration is high. Addiritture, if we create a hypertonic solution, or greater than 300 milliOsm of Osmolarity (this is the concentration of body fluids) the plasma will surrender water to the gastro-intestinal tract (this is because the water passes for strength to that which possesses the most concentration high).

So if in my drink post workout add maltodextrin replacing part of dextrose, with the same amount of water, accelerate the time of digestion because I’ll go to lower the osmolarity.

This happens when the intestine if there is a high concentration drink the blood gives water causing dehydration and in some cases dysentery. Conversely, I will definitely absorption.

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Why not use only maltodextrin?

I answer you right away. In several studies it was shown that using more energy substrates (in our case dextrose and maltodextrin), in the intestinal tract will be activated a greater number of transport mechanisms (those processes for transporting the sugars in the blood) with respect to a drink of just dextrose or sun maltodextrin.

These processes are sodium-dependent (co-transport is called Sodium / Glucose) because the bowel membranes using sodium as if it were “a” hook to carry the glucose, so if we add sodium to our drink, we will increase the absorbability, and it will also increase the uptake of water which promotes proper hydration.

It is important that you understand that if there is the right amount of hydration is not part of it will glycogenesis protein synthesis, which are the basis for the recovery and anabolism.

For optimal hydration, we know that the relationship between water and solute to be 92% – 8%.

Basically if you have 80 grams of sugar, we should be dissolved in one liter of water, from here you do the calculations for different concentrations.

The importance of sodium

1) Decreases the volume urinary escritoire, increasing water retention extracellular and intracellular hydration by adjusting well.

2) It prevents ipoatremia (do not tell me you’ve never heard these symptoms after your workouts).

3) Maintains the correct levels osmolar.

4) Markedly improves the efficiency in a positive transport of the protein, carbohydrate and minerals.

I can advise you for your drink about 500-600 mg of sodium. Taking into account that common table salt consists of 40% sodium, we would type in approximately 1g of salt.

If we keep in mind that in an hour’s workout you can lose from 0.5 to 2 liters of sweat, which contains 0.6 grams of sodium per liter, you get the idea of the importance of this salt.

Then we pull the sums?

Super in your post workout drink we have to insert …

  • Dextrose
  • Maltodextrin
  • Protein
  • Sodium

There are also another series of natural supplements useful for gaining muscle mass you want, please contact me to go into detail!

Now we specify how to avoid that introduced sugars end up in fat.

If after your workout and taking your drink you feel good, everything is OK, but if you feel tired can be taken over two cases …

1) The glucose level is too low, so your recovery you have taken too few sugars.

2) The glucose level is too high. So your pancreas has produced too much insulin, consequently blood sugars have dropped drastically, there has been little protein synthesis, and most of the glucose is finished in malefic fat.

You’ll want to avoid getting fat is not it?

I write to me the solution, you will have to drink the shake in 45-60 min after training, providing the right time to your “body carrying out its work.” Better still half a shake immediately, and the rest in small sips.

In detail, if you are bulking, or “mass phase”, the proportions may start with one gram of carbohydrates per kilogram of lean body mass (half glucose and half of maltodextrin); 0.5 grams of protein per kg of lean body mass.

If you are defining: 0.5 grams of carb per kg lean body mass (half glucose and half of maltodextrin); 0.5 grams of protein per kg of lean body mass.

Remember that this is the minimum necessary to stop the cortisol, exit the catabolism and promote anabolism.

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