The Importance Of Water In Our Diet

The Importance Of Water In Our Diet

It is an element essential to our survival and basic to any diet. Half of our body is water and children at a higher rate. We can go weeks without food but not one without water. However around it have grown false urban legends. We’ll discover why water is central in life.

50% of adult body is water and in the case of children 70%. It is vital to hydrate and all organs of our body functioning properly. It is not replaceable by anything and is a basic error renounce it or change it for refreshments. Water is much more important than the vegetables, fruit or vegetables. There mineral waters with different properties that are bottled directly from the springs and running water, tap water, we all use and come from different places and receives a different treatment depending on where you live.

Spring waters are distinguished by the amount of minerals containing through the study of dry residue. So there is water strong mineralization, medium, weak or very weak. A greater amount of dry residue more minerals. This information will get on the label of any bottled water is mandatory.

Water is life. His absence causes wilting of plants and aging in humans. The palpable signs of aging are nothing but a dehydration process. It is present in every part of our body and in all processes performed. Organs, cells, bones, urine, gastric juices, saliva, tears … all this is largely water. The minerals are also providing vital to us as the body needs but can not manufacture itself so the get water and used for physiological, physical and mental functions.

Thirst is the mechanism of natural alert that warns us of dehydration. Although it seems little 2% dehydration is something as serious. Water consumption will depend on your age, physical condition, weight and height but it is normal that men consume 2 liters of water a day and women two liters. Eight in ten liters of water consumed directly from the get drinks and other different foods. However this rate depends on the daily exercise we do, effort, work … but we should not worry because the water is not fattening, or contain sugar. It is advisable to drink water during meals, especially children who need more hydration and they should instill healthy habits. Therefore children should always eat with water and avoid energy drinks and sugary.

To anticipate thirst we can use water containing substantial and varied amounts of minerals, especially magnesium and calcium , essential during menopause. When we drink alcohol is good combined with water that helps digest, combat dehydration that produces and protects the stomach. Some clinicians advocate a lowering of the price of water in nightclubs and bars to reduce the effects of alcohol and encourage consumption. Water is a perfect companion for dieting . Drink a quart of water before eating will reduce food intake. Water has a satiating effect that is not counterproductive since neither fatten nor thin, just takes up space in the stomach. However drinking more than five liters a day is not healthy because the body needs balance and not excess, excessive consumption of water can lead to an obsession called potomania.

Drinking water is one of the main recommendations for pregnant women because it increases the production of breast milk. One child up to two years takes more than a liter of water a day, a consumer will gradually increase with age. An eight-year practice sport regularly need to drink pints daily. Men need more water because they have more muscle than women with more fat. Older people should drink water even without thirst since mechanisms that produce this warning system may be impaired.

Remember that the water does not lose weight, no calories but does not eliminate fat. It is also incorrect to say that drinking water during meals is bad or sparkling water fattening. The sparkling water has no calories but a composition of different minerals. The minerals also help to lose weight or those that are weak mineralization are better than others. In any case, water is vital for your body and by far the best drink that can bring you.

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