The healthiest diets we can follow in 2017

healthiest diets

If among your resolutions for the new year is pending achieve better power quality and adequate quantity that protects the body in every sense, today we tell you what the healthiest diets we can continue in this 2017.

Analyzing the diets of countries whose people have better health, we show are what the healthiest diets in the world that can imitate this year to take care of our body inside and out.

Mediterranean diet

The diet that lead the peoples of the Mediterranean region allows its inhabitants have a life expectancy greater than the world average of about 72 years life, and so have shown American scientists a few years ago when it concluded that the Mediterranean diet lengthens or part of the chromosomes with coding DNA that influences the life of each cell, and this is associated with better health and more longevity.

healthiest diets
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Also, previous research linked the Mediterranean diet with a risk of death from any cause 30% lower than the general population.

As if that were not enough, based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and nuts diet can provide many other health benefits, therefore, it is one of the healthiest diets we can follow and recommend imitate in this 2017.

Japanese Okinawa Diet

The Japanese diet is responsible for residents using the highest percentage of centenarians in the world and its population has the highest life expectancy.

Based on whole grains, variety of fruits and vegetables, fish, legumes and nuts, this diet allows its inhabitants have very low cardiovascular disease and cancer rates.

In addition, the diet is rich in antioxidants several that are also responsible for the good health and long life expectancy possessing its inhabitants.

Like the Mediterranean diet, diet Okinawa Japanese includes a very small amount of processed foods, high in sodium and sugar and also incorporates a very small proportion of red meat (1 time per week on average).

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French diet

The French paradox in terms of food has recently been studied to understand how in France, where the diet includes foods with saturated fats like cheese and meats and alcohol derived from wine, there is such low rates obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Apparently the key is the amount because, despite the prevailing poor quality of food in your regular diet, good health is based on small portions they consume.

Unlike classical Western diet, the French consume on average 100 grams less food at each intake and this may be sufficient to prevent excess weight and fat in the body and all its negative consequences.

The characteristics of the healthiest diets in the world that we can imitate

These are three of the healthiest diets in the world that leave us different aspects that we imitate if we are to improve our diet in this 2017. For example:

  • High amount of unsaturated fats: The Mediterranean diet featuring nuts, fish and olive oil and the Japanese diet for fish and seeds especially well.
  • Wide variety of fruits and vegetables: Both the Mediterranean diet and Japanese there are a variety of vegetables consumed daily, including vegetables, fruits, seaweed and others.
  • Small amount of processed foods: Giving priority to seasonal products and fresh food, without any label. The healthiest diets in the world include a low proportion of processed foods.
  • Low proportion of red meat: A high intake of fish significantly reduces the proportion of other meats consumed. Above all, in these diets, a low intake of red meat stands out.
  • Maintained amounts: In the French diet that quality is not the highlight, it is essential the amount consumed for health care body enjoying pleasurable foods. This is a feature to emphasize and imitate in our diet this 2017: smaller and moderate portions all the time.
  • Predominance of whole grains and whole grains: When we remove processed foods easily begin to include more fiber, but consume more legumes, whole grains, seeds and the like is key to improving our diet this New Year.

These are the healthiest diets we can follow in 2017 or at least mimic its main features in order to live longer and better with the help of a more nutritious and balanced diet.

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