The benefits of olive oil and contraindications

olive oil

Many people use olive oil because it is very useful and beneficial for the entire body. It is used almost everywhere for example in cooking, added to all sorts of masks, creams, using it makes cellulite massage. But most importantly, what is the use of olive oil and contraindications of application.

In ancient times people believed that this tree is useful to affect the internal organs. Most of the people who lived in those days called it “liquid gold”, as it was expensive and difficult to practically affordable. But today oil is available to everyone. The oil can be used for any purpose that you liking, making of a mask, use in cooking and so on. Many pharmaceutical companies use it to produce raw materials for medicines. Olive oil has a pleasant aroma, tart taste and a lot of components that have a positive effect on the digestive tract.

olive oil
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The constituent components of olive oil include many substances that positively affect the health and well-being. Let’s see what it consists of. Oleic acid (omega9) it helps protect the body against atherosclerosis and cancer, also cleanses the blood of toxins and impurities, and the most amazing thing is that thanks to this component begins to slow down the aging process, vitamin K, A, D, E, all these components a beneficial effect on bone tissue, so the minerals in this product is not very much. Omega 6 which is also included in the oil component aids in wound healing, helps to seize view. Doctors recommend it to include in your diet to people who have difficulty seeing and suffer from diseases of the eye. Vitamin E which is also found in olive oil, helps the body produce the necessary components that are beginning to stimulate the growth of the nail plate and hair growth. Masks of the oil give the hair shine and healthy appearance, will melt your nails stronger and do not exfoliate. To do this, you can just add oil to your favorite shampoo, and nails can simply apply oil and rub it, while leaving it for a while, then rinse with warm water without soap.

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Also nutrients help strengthen the immune system, they slow down the aging, help fight various fungal infections, neutralize some toxic substances that can poison the body from the inside.

Olive oil can be divided into three types of processing, this refined oil, not refined and ozonized. We start from the first. Many experts believe this otzhym themselves not useful to a person, since it practically disappear all the useful components that can benefit the most people it can be used as cooking. Second processing method is not refined. This method is characterized in that it is virtually impossible to no treatment, and it is considered to be the very useful, because there are all substances which help to human health. It is this oil can be used in food, seasoning them salads, fry food, make a mask on your face and hair. Do not forget that this oil should always be in the dark packaging, then the light will not spoil it. The third kind of spinning. In most cases, it is used in medicine and cosmetology.

For example, olive oil is used in the treatment of liver, gall bladder, stomach, particularly if the detected inside ulcer or gastritis, also it is taken ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer. It is recommended to take just 1 tbsp 2 times, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening after a meal, in an hour. People who suffer from the problem of cholecystitis, should eat less of this product. When it is used oncological disease and used together with the garlic juice. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight tooth, headache and ear pain, and also acts as a pain medication. Also, garlic and olive oil can be used for treating colds, such as runny nose, sore mouth, sore throat, tonsillitis. Skin diseases. Warts, eczema, papilloma. To do this you need to mix oil and celandine and let stand in a cool dark place for 3 weeks.

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