Who cannot be taken to the godparents for a child?

godparents for a child

Who cannot be taken to the godparents for a child? How many godchildren can be godmothers and dad? What do candidates need to know about this honorable role and the parents of the baby?

We will tell all about the baptism of the child and the choice of the godparents.

Godparents for a child: what kind of person should this be?

best godparents for a child

First of all, this person should be ready to give the child the foundations of the Orthodox faith. Who should not be taken to the godparents? A Muslim, a Catholic, an atheist – let yourself be a person and be very sympathetic. A candidate for this important role for the child should regularly go to church and then take with him the baby. Read more: 8 rules of conception: how to conceive a child

If, after the child’s baptism, the relationship with the godparents does not add up for various reasons, then it is impossible to cross the baby or abandon the godparents! But to pray for godparents, in this case, costs both the godson and his parents.

Who should not be invited to the godparents for a child?

a godparents for a child

There are several prohibitions that apply to all Orthodox Christians. But if you still doubt, clarify all the rules and prohibitions of the priest in the temple, where you are going to baptize the baby. So, who can not be godparents? Read more: Dry skin in young children

  • father and mother of the baby
  • a married couple
  • monk or nun
  • a person with mental illness
  • people under the age of 15

Who can be godparents, contrary to superstitions?

Pregnant women, contrary to popular belief, can be godmothers for other children.

Of course, to consider the term and condition of the future mother is always necessary: not every pregnant woman will stand on her feet all the Sacrament of the child’s baptism. Therefore, it is possible to offer a pregnant woman to become a godfather, but you should not take offense at a possible refusal.

The second superstition concerns the invitation to the role of godparents of people who have not yet acquired their own family. Like, an unmarried man and an unmarried girl will take away the happiness of a baby!

Of course, this is prejudice. The Church draws attention to the fact that it is necessary to seek godparents among responsible and kind, not wealthy people. Expensive gifts to their godchildren are far from the most important thing. After all, in the godparents for the child, you need to choose people who could take care of the crumb, if suddenly something happens to the parents. By the way, uncles and aunts, grandfathers and grandmothers may well become godparents. Keep reading http://quiotl.com/preschool-yields-positive-outcomes-for-kids/

What else do you need to know the godparents?

the godparents for a child

The number of godmothers is not limited. It is important that the parents have time and energy for their godson: talk to them about important things (not only about God), support in difficult moments and teach wisdom. And not only see once a year, birthday crumbs.

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