Diet and wine go together?


Diet and red wine can coexist in our diet? And in general, the wine is good for health and it is better to avoid it?

The debate on the subject is on the one hand there are those who do not recommend the consumption wine, focusing on its negative effects on our body. On the other hand there are those urges to drink in moderation, giving prominence to effect beneficial that certain substances in wine, such as resveratrol (a powerful antioxidant), have on our body. Read more

Chocolate, wine and coffee – When they are good for our health?

Chocolate, wine and coffee

Chocolate, wine and coffee – when they are good for our health? – When it comes to the Mediterranean diet is thought now to fruits and vegetables. Rarely, however, it comes to chocolate, wine and coffee. So we asked ourselves: when are good for our health?

Usually these foods are included in the category of “vices to be abandoned”, of those small pleasures that we allow frequent (sometimes too often). In reality things are not right: chocolate, wine and coffee are good for our health, if taken in the right quantities and accompanied by a balanced diet!

According to a study, these three foods would be of great help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, helping us to reduce exposure to stroke and heart attack. We find out the individual properties of the three foods. Read more