Spring Cleaning … for your skin!

Cleaning skin

A professional cleaning of the face, the potency of the active ingredients, the anti-aging food consumption and the advice of our experts, will be key to revitalize the skin of your face.

During the winter the skin is always exposed to external factors that in the long run can damage it, drying it and weaken it irreparably. The worst attack on the facial skin is caused by problems such as environmental pollution, sudden changes in temperature, solar radiation but also the sweat and traces of makeup.

All that clogs the pores and does not allow the specific products that we use to nourish the skin to penetrate properly carrying out its characteristic action. For this reason, it is extremely important to protect your skin, moisturizing it and clean it thoroughly. Read more

The 8 best exfoliates for skin

Exfoliates for skin

Thanks to the peel, remove dead cells and our skin looks brighter. We should always moisturize the skin later. So you can have a face or any other part of the beautiful, healthy and young body, you should perform routine daily cleaning and deep once a week exfoliation.

In this way, you will eliminate dead cells and other impurities that give off so ugly tone. Know what the best exfoliates for skin and turn your home into a beauty salon.

Skin exfoliation: Why it is important?

An industrial cosmetic that we use, especially women, is harmful to our skin health. This is because it contains a lot of substances and components that can be toxic.

The epidermis, i.e. the shallowest part of our skin, is composed of layers of cells million. Some new are born and other older, dying. Thus, exfoliation serves to remove cells that are dead, that although they are a protective barrier, there also prevent regeneration in the lower layers. Read more