Dry skin? Remedies to keep it soft, smooth and youthful

Dry skin

To keep your skin soft and combat the signs of aging is very important to moisturize daily. It is also advisable to exfoliate, at least, once a month, to remove dead cells.

Every day our skin is exposed to factors, which may damage it, ruining the beauty and deteriorate gradually his health. The exposure to free radicals pollution, cigarette smoke, at temperatures too high or too low, the rays UV or poor nutrition can steal moisture to the skin and accelerate the premature aging process. Having dry skin is not pleasant, and of course, we are always looking for an appropriate way to take care of them and give her the proper wetting that allows us to show it off in all its beauty. Luckily, today there are several treatments that can be applied to favor hydration of the skin and get an ever softer, smoother and younger.

If you tend to suffer from dry skin, consider that this type of skin is the one that requires more care and precautions. Below we show you all the steps needed to combat dryness and get the skin that is most desired. Read more

Symptoms of chickenpox, therapies and remedies


Chickenpox is almost always catch us by surprise, as its symptoms are very bothersome should know what the best natural remedies are.

What is it?

Chickenpox is an infectious skin disease caused by a virus.

Causes and how to avoid infection

The cause is a virus. According to most experts is the same virus that shingles. The chances of infection are highest four or five days before they leave the grains or vesiculate and continue until all the grains have their scab.

Avoid contact with people who are in the infectious process and if they are people of the same family extreme hygiene (washing hands before and after eating, after using the bathroom, not sharing the same bed or eating utensils, etc.).

You can also infect chickenpox a person who has shingles. A person who has already had chickenpox can develop shingles if contact with chickenpox. Normally chickenpox happens only once in life. Read more

Why do we suffer gases? Causes and remedies

Causes and remedies for gas

Besides the typical tea after meals, we can also include in our dishes as a condiment different spices to favor gas neutralization.

Gas or flatulence are a major nuisance for people who suffer, but also the signal that something is not working properly in our digestive system: how to eat foods that do not digest properly, lack of digestive enzymes, influence stress and emotions, among others.

In this article we explain the different causes that can be originate this problem, as well as simple home remedies that will help you solve it effectively and naturally without taking drugs. Read more