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Drink and tips to reduce cellulite

To improve the condition should avoid drinking coffee, soft drinks and alcoholic, exercise at least three times a week and drink plenty of water. Avoid tight clothes.

Cellulite, as you know- probably already is a big problem quite difficult to remove, which occurs most often in women, mostly by hormonal changes, although this is not the only generator – as also the can cause poor eating habits, constipation and lack of physical, especially exercise.

Cellulitis can affect different parts of the body such as thighs, abdomen and hips, giving a rather unpleasant appearance because the skin takes on a texture much like the skin of an orange, in fact, also was known by that name. In order to eliminate this problem skin are turning to many techniques, such as diets, massages, surgeries, products that promise to be miraculous, but the reality is that in order to solve this problem you need to have great patience and be very constants in the treatments applied.