Walking sports: Benefits, training and proper shoes to practice

The sporting walk is a brisk walk, thanks to the intensity of the pitch and constant training; you can burn calories without any traumatic impact on joints – provided that you use the right shoes. Here are the benefits and features of this gentle sport, perfect for weight loss

The sport walking is a kind of brisk walking – not comparable to jogging or running – was born from the Power Walking, characterized by an enhanced walking stride rather broad, which has inherited the intensity of step but is shorter. It is a gentle sport and accessible to all, to practice outdoors, which does not involve any type of contraindication or trauma in joints, precisely because of the small number of impacts and through the continuous contact of the foot with the ground.

The sport walking to the practice of which you will need the right techniques shoes, enjoys many benefits that help the physical and beyond. Practicing this type of brisk walking in fact, it allows to regenerate the psychological level : a great way to release tension, regain your energy and lose weight at the same time. With constant training, you will indeed see great results on your fitness. Here below all you need to know about walking on …