The benefits of olive oil and contraindications

olive oil

Many people use olive oil because it is very useful and beneficial for the entire body. It is used almost everywhere for example in cooking, added to all sorts of masks, creams, using it makes cellulite massage. But most importantly, what is the use of olive oil and contraindications of application.

In ancient times people believed that this tree is useful to affect the internal organs. Most of the people who lived in those days called it “liquid gold”, as it was expensive and difficult to practically affordable. But today oil is available to everyone. The oil can be used for any purpose that you liking, making of a mask, use in cooking and so on. Many pharmaceutical companies use it to produce raw materials for medicines. Olive oil has a pleasant aroma, tart taste and a lot of components that have a positive effect on the digestive tract. Read more

8 ways to use olive oil as a natural beauty product

olive oil

Thanks to its fatty acids, olive oil can be an ideal to moisturize the skin and be part of multiple cosmetic treatments ingredient. Known as the essential food of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is one of the most beneficial to human health fats.

Its nutritional composition and essential fatty acids make it a great ally of the cardiovascular system, liver and other vital organs for life. As if that were not enough, it is rich in antioxidants and anti – inflammatory substances that confer benefits for articulator health, muscles and skin.

In fact, many companies are using a significant portion of its compounds to prepare health and beauty products. Despite this, some people still know these wonderful applications that have for skin care, hair and nails. For this reason, then we want to share eight amazing uses that can be given as natural cosmetic.

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