How to lose weight or ways to lose weight that you should not use

lose weight

Excess weight is currently a real problem for every third woman and every fifth man. And if you take into account the fact that every sixth inhabitant of our planet is obese, it becomes clear why the question “How to lose weight?” is so common.

Indeed, the diagnosed “obesity” means that the potential lifespan of such a patient in an instant decreased by 7 years. Thus, obesity of any degree takes from us not only health and strength, but most importantly – life. According to WHO, 2 million 600 thousand people die from excessive weight or obesity each year.

Of course, there are many ways to lose weight. Almost any printed or online edition offers a variety of ways to lose weight. But, we will analyze them in turn to find out why they do not help in the process of losing weight. Read more

Lose Weight after the holidays

Lose Weight

The are near to the festivities and so in a few days will have time to think about how to lose weight after the holidays. In addition to the good intentions for the New Year, now we have to deal with the extra pounds that almost everyone – more or less – we will have stored during the holidays just passed. It is a good time then for a rejuvenating detox diet.

Concluded the whirlwind of nougat, sausages and pandori, the waistline is expanding and pants must be starting to tighten. It is almost inevitable that after the Christmas holidays we have stored a little of fat (an average of 2-3 kg more), which is bad for your health and even online. No, there is no need to compensate with a strict diet or even the absolute fast! Nutritionist’s advice against it, since it can even be counterproductive: first because it creates imbalances in the regulation of glucose metabolism, second because it causes no little psycho-physical stress (the series that after a while ‘you are likely to give in to the assault of the fridge …). Read more