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5 Great College Majors for Health Nuts

College students are not traditionally renowned for their healthy habits.  Between meals in the cafeteria, late-night trips to the vending machine, and the onus to imbibe one’s body weight in liquor at frat parties, it’s no wonder the freshman fifteen is an appallingly accurate stereotype.  Lack of sleep and exercise doesn’t help much, either.  That said, a select group of college students definitely fall into the opposite camp.  They are dedicated to health and fitness, even as the majority of their peers show a preference for beer pong and naps on the quad.  If you happen to be among the small number of college students labeling themselves health nuts, here are a few options for majors that are right up your alley.

Beauty Tips

5 Great Winter Weather Beauty Treatments

There’s no denying that when the warm winds of summer transition to the cool breezes of fall and then the chilly gales of winter, your skin is going to feel the effects, and not in a good way. I might lucky enough to be spending this winter in Thailand in a villa rented from, but I’m no stranger to the effects of winter conditions on your body. Your hands and face will likely get the worst of it through exposure to the coldest temperatures, resulting in dryness and redness to start, followed by chapping, peeling, itchiness, cracking, and general irritation and discomfort over time. Eventually, however, these symptoms will spread to other parts of your body. Even your hair can’t escape the drying effects of winter weather. But aside from drinking your eight glasses of water a day and bathing in lotion, how can you stave off the ill effects of harsh winter winds? Here are a few great beauty treatments that should help you to cope with winter weather conditions.