6 exercises for a perfect waistline

perfect waistline

Those who are not used to doing physical activity should proceed gradually and without forcing too much, to avoid getting hurt. It may later increase the intensity. More than to have a lean and toned figure, many women would like to lose a few centimeters from the waist to have the body more pronounced curves.

To achieve this approach may be different, but the exercise remains one of the main keys to a good result. Typically, the excess pounds in this area of the body are the result of a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. They can, however, also influence genetic factors or malfunction of the thyroid gland.

Leaving aside the possible causes, some sequences of exercises allow you to act in a localized way, helping you more to reshape the hips. Today we show you six exercises to do at home, so simple that you will have no more excuses. At work! Read more

4 Ways to keep motivated in training


Do you thinking about your sessions running or weightlifting becomes a ritual?

To many, too many people would like sweat shirt more times, than they do, but most often the lack of motivation makes training farthest removed from the routine.

Daily life does not help much when to tell our colleagues who arrive a little later to the glasses because you have to take a shower after your workout. It has always been said that you have to want it enough, or do so for at least 21 days for something becomes routine. However, what happens on that day it is cold and all you want to stay a little longer in bed? Read more

Most Appropriate Exercise For People With Parkinson

Most Appropriate Exercise For People With Parkinson

Do you know which exercises best suited for people with Parkinson’s are? We’ll tell our Health Blog. Parkinson’s is a chronic neuro degenerative disease that leads to progressive disability. The pigmented neurons are destroyed and alterations in autonomic functions and expression of emotions. It affects men and women equally often appears to be around sixty. Read more