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Dry hands and cuticles? Try this natural remedy

Dry hands have an aged appearance. You can moisturize and return them to their natural beauty with this simple natural remedy. Try it!

Dry hands and damaged cuticles are the result of continuous exposure to dust, chemicals cleaning products and abrupt temperature changes. All this, by coming into direct contact with the skin, it damages the natural moisture, generates inflammation and limits the capacity for regeneration.

Consequently, they begin to form small spots and imperfections that can make a very aged appearance to the skin prematurely.

Since the cuticles, plays a very important role in the health of nails also tends to debilitated, infected and break. Fortunately, many natural products contribute to rewet to promote its regeneration and help to keep them in good condition.

On this occasion we want to share a remedy developed with oil vitamin E, almond oil and cocoa butter, whose properties bring incredible benefits.

Do not hesitate to try it!