Food allergies, causes and treatment

Food allergies

Food allergies are unstoppable, rising year after year, so it is necessary to know their causes and appropriate natural remedies.

What are food allergies?

Food allergies are a disproportionate reaction that causes our immune system to a food. It often occurs when we eat but usually enough to touch it or smell it. Read more

Spur in the foot, causes and natural treatments

Spur in the foot

This article on the spur in the foot is dedicated to people who continually suffer the discomfort without knowing that there are effective natural remedies.

Ram causes foot

The spur is an abnormal bone growth that occurs as a result of friction between two bones and end up deteriorating articular cartilage. Joint damage is produced by the supported load, for a long period of time, stroke, fracture sequelae, obesity or continued stress.

The bone spur often affects knees, spine, feet, hips and joints that have frequent movement (like hands). Read more