Castor oil for hair care and beauty

Castor oil for hair care

Castor oil strengthens and nourishes the hair in depth. Let’s see how to take care of brittle hair with castor oil.
The castor oil is a slightly yellow oil liquid, very viscous and not very strong smelling. It is purchased in herbal medicine and since it is a stable oil, it does not go rancid quickly and can be kept at room temperature in dark glass bottles. Read more

8 ways to use olive oil as a natural beauty product

olive oil

Thanks to its fatty acids, olive oil can be an ideal to moisturize the skin and be part of multiple cosmetic treatments ingredient. Known as the essential food of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is one of the most beneficial to human health fats.

Its nutritional composition and essential fatty acids make it a great ally of the cardiovascular system, liver and other vital organs for life. As if that were not enough, it is rich in antioxidants and anti – inflammatory substances that confer benefits for articulator health, muscles and skin.

In fact, many companies are using a significant portion of its compounds to prepare health and beauty products. Despite this, some people still know these wonderful applications that have for skin care, hair and nails. For this reason, then we want to share eight amazing uses that can be given as natural cosmetic.

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How stress affects the beauty

Stress affects the beauty

Emotional stress, whether we like it or not, has become a regular part of the daily routine. The various responsibilities of the world of work, family and personal life, lead us to live in constant movement and a recurring feeling of anxiety. Most of us are aware that being subjected to this pressure can affect, in the medium and long term, our health and cause disease. However, what many do not consider is that the stress and beauty do not get along.

The nervous system disorders affect a variety of ways to beauty and then find some of its consequences… Read more

Is it good waxing?


Although almost all are advantages, disadvantages of waxing are that if it is not applied properly, can cause hair to grow upside down and festering.

Waxing is one of the most commonly used hair removal methods. For those who do not know, this technique basically involves removing hair below the skin surface, making squirted from the follicle. Despite the different techniques that exist that have emerged, waxing remains the favorite for its effects are longer lasting and its application is very simple. Read more