Surprising health benefits of oak flooring

When considering what flooring options, usually you’d think about things like aesthetics and durability. But what if the floor you choose could also affect the health and wellbeing of your family too?

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Research suggests that oak engineered flooring is one of the healthiest and hygienic forms of flooring available. Here’s why:

Reduces dust mites

Dust mites, mildew and parasites are just a few of the nasties likely to be lingering in the fibers of your carpet. Vacuuming may help keep their numbers down but because dust mites in particular are so tiny and able to live deep down within the carpet you will struggle to eliminate them completely. Even if you do, the filth they leave behind isn’t just grim but potentially dangerous to your health when inhaled. A study from The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology suggests that dust mites are the leading cause of asthma in children and that they are rarely visible. The only way to successfully eradicate them from your carpets is to invest in hardwood flooring such as oak.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The environment affects all of our health and wellbeing. Opting for oak flooring means that you are doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint. Wood is one of the only renewable building materials left and while some people worry about deforestation having the opposite effect, this simply isn’t the case. Young trees are able to absorb more carbon dioxide than older ones and government schemes in managed forests insist that new trees are constantly being planted to replace more mature ones that are being harvested. Engineered oak flooring (like those found at wood floor warehouse) is a particularly ethical choice because it makes efficient use of the amount of genuine oak wood used in production.

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Humidity levels

It just so happens that the recommended humidity levels in your home are the same for your health as they are for your floors. Too much or too little moisture content in the air can affect the dimensions of your wood flooring so humidity levels between 40-60% are thought to keep them in the best condition. This level of humidity is also recommended for our general health and wellbeing too – so in effect, by taking care of your floor you’re also taking care of your health.


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