Superfood Rich In Fats

Superfood Rich In Fats

A few days ago we saw as not all foods that are rich in fats are bad for health. Indeed, in some of these foods are very important in our diet, as they have many properties that make them very healthy. So today we will see a few of these fatty foods.

HealthIt is important to always maintain a balanced and varied diet, always paying attention to foods that are more beneficial to our health. Therefore, today we bring a new batch of “super foods”, despite being rich in fat.

Rich in fat and healthy food

– Bluefish

It has long been known that oily fish is one of the best foods of animal origin in the world. This category includes salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines and herring, to name some of the best known. All these fish are loaded with healthy omega-3 for heart, high quality protein and all kinds of key nutrients.

Studies have shown that people who eat fish regularly enjoy a healthier state, with lower risk of heart disease, depression, dementia and other diseases.

– Nuts

All nuts are incredibly healthy. Specifically, nuts are high in healthy fats and fiber, as well as being an excellent vegetarian source of protein. They are also rich in vitamin E and such an important mineral magnesium. There are many people who have deficiency of this nutrient, hence the importance of consuming too nuts.

Nuts allow us to enjoy better health and have a lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes or obesity.

– Butter

Butter, made from the milk of cows (provided they are fed with natural grass), is almost entirely fat, of which more than half are saturated. Although in the past it was demonized in recent times new studies have shown that in perspective, is a healthy food. And that’s because they contain important nutrients like vitamins A and K2, butyrate and bio active fatty acids have been linked to numerous health benefits.

In countries where high dairy products consumed in fat, such as butter, the risk of heart disease is lower. In addition, a recent study linking consumption with a lower risk of obesity.

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

On more than one occasion we have spoken on the blog on the excellent nutritional properties of extra virgin olive oil. Fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean diet has numerous health benefits. It is a powerful source vitamins v E, K and antioxidants. The latter reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood and can fight inflammation, in addition to lowering blood pressure. It is, without doubt, the king of healthy oils.

– Coconut and coconut oil

We face the two richest sources of saturated fats that are (almost 90% of the total). Despite what you might think, people who enjoy consuming coconut, usually a large health and have less risk of heart disease. This is because coconut fatty acids are of medium chain are metabolized by the body in a different way. These fats have been shown to suppress appetite, so they are a great help to lose weight. Furthermore, it has proved its worth when losing abdominal fat and Alzheimer’s disease.

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