Strawberries Many Nutrients, Fewer Calories

Strawberries Many Nutrients, Fewer Calories

During the summer we can enjoy one of the most nutritious fruits in season and fewer calories. The strawberries are pleasing to almost everyone and are one of the best ways to get younger eat fruit, but it is also a powerful antioxidant, improves intestinal transit and health of your mouth … not to mention the endless possibilities offered in the kitchen!.

HealthThe presence of strawberries in our greengrocer season ushers in the warmer months of spring and summer. It is a fruit refreshing and fun appreciated by children who can take on the form of shakes, in cakes, for snacks or in salads and garnishes. Like almost all fruit contains a high percentage of water but also carbohydrates and fiber. Nutritionally strawberries provide vitamins C and E, folic acid, potassium and beta carotene.

The antioxidant containing strawberries are a potent anti-aging blocking free radicals responsible for the degradation of cells and prevents the occurrence of certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases. This is because this fruit contains natural antioxidants like flovonoides pigments and organic acid compounds such as malic, oxalic and salicylic.

Strawberries are highly recommended for people suffering from anemia because they have a high rate of vitamin C, which helps the body absorb iron. The folic acid is an essential element in pregnant or of childbearing age because it promotes cell division and helps prevent spina bifida. The presence of fiber in strawberries not only promotes intestinal transit but that fights the appearance of cancer of the colon, maintains cholesterol levels and provides natural glucose into the blood.

Although oxalic acid makes contraindicated for people with kidney failure but are recommended to prevent fluid retention, hypertension or gout because it promotes the process of diuresis. Even some cases of allergy may occur between intolerant of saliciliatos, a chemical found in drugs such as aspirin.

People with deficiencies eye, especially those caused by aging, will find strawberries large amounts of pigments lutein and zeaxanthin improve sight transmissions. The xylitol, a compound used to toothpastes and mouthwashes also found in the composition of strawberries with consequent benefits to our mouth, preventing wear of tooth enamel.

They also have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. Take this summer to discover everything positive that strawberries can make to your health and its many uses in the kitchen, from baking cakes and biscuits to juices, smoothies, yogurt, ice cream, salads …

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