Care of the skin of the newborn

skin of the newborn

The skin of the newborn demands certain precautions that not all parents know. Washing, sun, and bath are subjects that present recurrent doubts.

The epidermis of the baby is different from that of an adult; in small ones, the skin is softer and more delicate. Therefore, skin care of the newborn is very important. In this article, we will tell you the precautions we must take to avoid irritations.

Advice and care of the skin of the newborn

best skin of the newborn

The baby’s dermis is very vulnerable because it protects less than in adults. This means that it requires special care. To comply with them, it is better to keep these tips in mind:

Clean with neutral soap

In pharmacies and shops there are many options for ‘baby soaps’, but we can also use the common neutral or glycerin. Consult with the pediatrician to confirm which ones you consider most appropriate. Do not opt for soaps with perfumes or pH too acidic. Read more: How to properly dye your eyebrows? Staining for ideal eyebrows

Also, remember that during your first days the baby can not bathe completely;  you must wait until the umbilical cord falls off. Meanwhile, you can wipe it with a damp cloth with soap and water.

Hydrate your skin

Care of the skin of the newborn

While it is true that the skin of a baby is more hydrated than that of an adult, when it comes to a newborn it is not necessary to put any type of cream or lotion, even if they are suitable for children. Read more: Home scrub for the body – 5 best recipes. How correctly to do scrubs for a body in house conditions.

At birth, your dermis will be covered by what is known as fleshy vernix, which protects you. However, this ‘coating’ will go away with the passage of days and you just start to bathe it.

At that time is when you should get good specific moisturizing products for baby, both cream, and oil. Pay attention to certain signs that may indicate allergies and redness. In that case, suspend its use and consultation with a doctor.

There are areas that need more hydration than others: the chin, the buttocks, behind the ears or anywhere where folds are formed.

Protect it from the sun

One of the main care of the skin of the newborn, even if it is winter. During the first months of life, the dermis does not have enough melanocytes to protect it from the sun’s rays; In addition, there are no creams or protective factors suitable for children under six months.

Therefore, do not expose it to the sun, do not take it to the beach and, if you are walking, cover it completely with long sleeves and a hat.

Do not bathe every day

top Care of the skin of the newborn

Small babies do not get dirty as much as a bigger child. Therefore, it is not necessary that you bathe it daily. In addition to waiting for the cord to fall to give you the first bath with all the letters, it is advisable that you only perform cleanings by areas, mainly in summer, as it may perspire a bit when sleeping.

Massage him

To make our baby’s skin even softer and more beautiful, and also to make the bond with him perfect, there is nothing better than a good massage session using a cream or suitable lotion. You can do it before you sleep at night or when you do not stop crying, as it will reassure you.

Do not wait to change diapers

Care of the skin of the newborn

Another care of the skin of the newborn has to do with the area where he covers the diaper. If you do not change it every time – when you have urinated or defecated – you run the risk of suffering from dermatitis, irritation and other problems.

Do not let much time pass since you identify what your needs have been until you change it. At that time, use special wipes to completely clean the dirt, especially in the part of the folds; Finally, wait for your skin to dry before putting on a new diaper.

Summer clothes for newborns should be soft, light and comforting.

Choose clothes from natural fabrics

Everything that is in contact with the skin of the baby can irritate or cause allergies. From the first days of life, we recommend that you put cotton clothes or any other natural fabric.

It is important that they do not have chemical substances in their preparation, that you wash them with white soap – not in the washing machine – and that you remove labels or seams that may bother you.

If you carry out these tips and meet certain skin care of the newborn, you will avoid suffering from dermatitis, allergies and any other related problem. Do not hesitate to do everything possible to take care of your well-being.

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