How to sit on a twine: 5 best exercises


Before stretching, be sure to warm up. Suitable for jumping or running on the spot. The complex consists of 6 exercises. Perform them smoothly, without jerking. In each position, hold for 40-60 seconds.

Sit exercise 1Sit

Spread your legs widely, unfold your feet, knees, and hips outward. With an exhalation, sit down, pull up the pelvis – the emphasis is on opening the hips. Fix the squat and stay in this position. The body weight is evenly distributed on both legs, the back remains straight. Rest your elbows on the inner thighs closer to your knees, pull the pelvis to the floor, you can add light wiggles. This is an exercise for stretching the inside of the thigh. Read more: 6 Tips For A Fit And Healthy Pregnancy

Sit exercise 2Sit

Place your legs wide, take a breath and lean toward your right leg with an exhalation. Keep your thighs and knees tight. Hold in this position. Go to the slope to the other leg and also stay in this position. Then grasp the legs of both legs and stretch out in the slope. The back should not be rounded, stretch the belly to the hips.

Sit exercise 3

Fall into the side lunge and, if possible, lower the heel of the supporting leg to the floor. The other leg unfolded outward, the knee straightened, pull the foot towards you. Hands lean on the floor. If stretch allows, grasp the near knee with your hand, then make behind the “lock”. This exercise is also aimed at stretching the internal muscles of the thighs. Read more: Lose weight in summer: 5 best diets

Sit exercise 4Sit

Staying in the same position, rest your palms or forearms on the floor and lie on the surface. Then take the pelvis forward and leave it in line with the hips and knees. Connect the socks, tighten the abdomen, the crown stretch upward. Hold in this position.

“Frog” is an effective exercise that will help you to quickly sit on a cross-twine.

Sit exercise 5Sit

Sitting on the floor, connect the feet and bring them to the pelvis as close as possible. The back should be straight. If you can not keep your back straight, place a pillow or yoga block under your buttocks. You can stay still, or you can rock slightly, trying to lower your knees to the floor. To simplify the exercise, move the feet further away from the pelvis. Using the “butterfly” you can work out the hip joints. Regular execution of this exercise will help you to make a lateral twine faster.

It’s hard to sit on a cross-twine from the first time, but in time you will succeed! Be patient and train in pleasure!

And we will help you to make a suitable set of exercises for your goals, and also offer a diet for each day! Join us, and very soon get the desired result!

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