Get out now you can and enjoy nature

An afternoon at the coast or a walk in the hills leaves us feeling refreshed, invigorated and with a renewed perspective. Yet most of us are too busy – there are so many pressing concerns to attend to.

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Scientific research has come to our rescue, encouraging us to make nature a priority. Dr Miles Richardson from the University of Derby says time spent in nature helps lessen the impact on a variety of illnesses, including heart disease, anxiety and depression. Here are five favourite ways nature smiles on our well-being.

Nature Triumphs Over Concrete

Research shows that a small patch of green grass amongst swathes of urban concrete creates a powerful sense of harmony with the world around us. We experience an increased interest in supporting each other, particularly our neighbours.

Our Brains Love Nature

Researchers discovered through fMRI (functional resonance imaging) that the areas of our brain associated with love and empathy light up when the brain was shown images of nature.
This is why companies like are installing Conservatories Cheltenham way in the gardens on lots of properties.  People can stay cosy and warm yet feel like they are still outside in nature.

Our Children Are Happier

Little ones displayed increased self-esteem. Time in nature also helped them with creativity, risk-taking and discovery. Children exhibiting ADHD showed significant improvement, behaving in a calmer, more focussed manner.

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We Are Healthier

Time spent in nature has a powerful medicinal effect on those of us battling sickness and mental health issues. Nature supports people through illnesses and recovery, alongside conventional treatments, and even lessens symptoms.

A Beautiful Friendship

The more we connect with nature, the more improvement we will notice in our health and well-being. This is great news because it means we will have an increased desire and purpose to protect our environment. Its importance will be amplified and our natural world protected.

Celebrate a Happy Ending Naturally

Nature also enhances our most important life events. The Royal Forest of Dean is over 40 square miles of majestic woodland, steeped in tradition and history.
Health experts warn us about the dangers of prolonged periods of sitting down and time spent in front of a screen. It’s more important than ever to reconnect with what makes us feel alive in every way: time in nature.

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