Risk Wireless Connections To Health

Risk Wireless Connections To Health

You know what risks can have wireless connections to health? We live in a world surrounded by electronic devices everywhere, that help us in every facet of our lives. We are in the society of information technologies (Internet, social networks, computers, tablets, smartphones …).

However, all these teams generate electric and electromagnetic fields, which has led to what is known as electromagnetic pollution, which is responsible for numerous health problems and diseases, such as takes warning from the scientific community for a long time.

Effects of wireless health

We pollution low frequency (lighting, some appliances, building wiring, transformers …) and, moreover, known as high frequency (radars, mobile, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc)

We have all noticed in our day when we work long hours in front of a display symptoms such as poor concentration, visual fatigue, tiredness, or lightheadedness. At other times, the cause of our headaches or sleeplessness has to do with the microwaves emitted nearby antennas, or may feel low on energy when we are surrounded by many technological devices.

The advancement of technology in the last century has also caused an exponential increase of artificial radiation sources. Although common sense has always made us think that these emissions are associated with many diseases, until recently there were no studies that demonstrate this relationship.

Now, new experiments have shown that microwaves generated numerous wireless devices would be behind some diseases that have no other explanation. That is, the standing wave exposure as generating WiFi connections could damage our body.

According to recent studies by acclaimed scientists, like Marin Pall, professor of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at the University of Washington, these microwaves be behind diseases whose cause was hitherto inexplicable. We are talking about becoming more common diseases such as fibromyalgia, stress, sudden cardiac death and even a weakened immune system.

In addition, abuse of these devices in today’s society is causing a significant increase in other health problems such as headaches, palpitations, earaches, to other more serious as other types of cancer.

These investigations demonstrate once again the need to control emissions of wireless connections that emit most electronic devices. The electromagnetic fields they generate can cause serious and irreversible damage to people, especially pregnant women and children. In fact, these harmful effects of these waves have already been tested in other animal species. These latter findings have voice alarm on one of the main problems for the health of the population.

This reality makes it necessary for all governments and global agencies regulating these emissions microwave and ensure the safety of public health with comprehensive studies that can determine its negative effects on the body.

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