Reasons Why Your Hair Might not be as Healthy as You Think

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Sulphates are considered the enemy when it comes to hair care. Even if your hair looks healthy, this sheen can be deceptive, with shampoos and other products contributing to a vicious cycle of stripping the natural oils from the hair shaft and replacing them with a fake gloss.

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Using plant based products such as Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo can break this cycle, leaving hair happy, healthy and looking great.

Read on for more tips for achieving truly healthy hair.

1. Choose the right shampoo

Do away with harsh, detergent-rich shampoos. Even high-end brands can be full of synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances, which if used long-term may have a detrimental effect upon you follicles and scalp.

Non-toxic, organic shampoos are a natural alternative which use active plant extracts to gently and effectively revive and re-stimulate the follicle. Hair will be cleaner and colour preserved for longer too. Try Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo, available at

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2. Choose the right conditioner

Conditioners often contain silicones, polymers and dimenthicone, which act to make your hair feel supersoft. However, these are just coating the hair rather than really treating it and will build up over time, eventually leading to breakage and other unpleasant side effects, including acne.

3. Choose the right Hair Spray

Hairspray can also have a very negative effect upon your hair. Lots of brands are jam packed full of chemicals and alcohol, which will dry out the hair and are incredibly unhealthy for the user if they use them regularly and inhale the fumes.

Back in the ‘old days’ hairdressers would think nothing of liberally spraying Aqua Net, but those were also the days when smoking was allowed indoors. Not only were chemical based hairsprays bad for you, they were terrible for the environment too. Although CFCs are now banned in most countries, many hair sprays still contain artificial fragrances, petrochemical polymers, VOCs and dioxane, all of which are carcinogens and can be incredibly damaging if breathed in.

Luckily, saying no to these doesn’t mean your ‘up dos’ need to suffer. Swap to natural alternatives instead and give yourself a pat on the back for looking after yourself and the environment.

Hopefully this article has proved useful. Enjoy taking back your hair and your health!

Written by Harley

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