Put A Banana In Your Life

Put A Banana In Your Life

The banana is a fun fruit that should never miss in your diet, especially if you’re a good sport. In addition to its pleasant taste has a great variety of properties and nutrients. They are also easy to digest what make it ideal to recover after training or hard physical effort fruit.

Like almost everyone, they are sweet, colorful, exotic and also a source of vitamins and other essential components for our food. In our fridge should never miss bananas. A banana medium containing 18% of vitamin B6, vitamin 15% C, 13% manganese, 7% magnesium, 10% potassium and 10% of the recommended daily amount of fiber for the World Organization Health (WHO). The remaining 74% is water and 24% of carbohydrates, particularly sugars.

However, not all bananas contain the same amount of sugars and these are constant throughout ripening. The maturation affects the glycemic index because during this process goes banana producing ethylene, a substance that breaks starch sugars, so the more mature is sweeter it is.

The large amount of fiber containing a banana does easily digestible so that regulates intestinal transit and makes it a food satiating hunger and very suitable for regulating cholesterol levels. This makes satiating capacity is present in almost every diet in addition to being a good alternative to bars energy supplement shakes and regenerative and restorative.

Potassium and sodium are responsible for alleviating the pressure and facilitate the expulsion of fluids. Athletes remove large amounts of potassium during sweating and magnesium contributes to the contraction of muscles so the banana becomes an important ally to prevent contractual and muscle injuries.

Vitamin B6 bananas facilitates sleep and lifts the mood by making it a highly recommended fruit in cases of insomnia or depression. His great contribution of carbohydrates and protein helps athletes to return to normal levels quickly, especially those who perform heavy wear soon as the runners.

Banana properties also help to prevent oxidation of the skin and wear bones and tendons. Although it is normal keep in the fridge the truth is that they do not need cold, are easy to transport and flavor … just delicious !.

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