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One of the diets for weight control fashion is to use the apiste slimming as it manages to slow the absorption of fats.

What is it and for canary seed is used?

The word birdseed, transliterated, called Canary grass. And in this region comes this responds to scientific plant name Phalaris canariensis. Of the grass family, it has been used in the twentieth century as feed for poultry. Moreover, in its place of origin of poor quality bread it was elaborated, since the baking the dough lost some of its properties.

Birdseed has become very popular as a new miracle product in diets. Watch out! Do not share food with your bird or acquire this herb in domestic stores! Animal who is unfit for human consumption has other hygienic characteristics and you have to buy it in health food.


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Birdseed diet, a new fashion?

That seems and what I mean. If you usually read articles on nutrition and diet that public here or anywhere else, you know I am not in favor of this form of bring health and weight control.

There is absolutely nothing in nature that act in a way so miraculously with no problems or illness. And the birdseed will not be any exception.

That does not mean we do not take advantage of all the wonders that land or seas offer us to live better and longer. So does it work? As always, the answer is yes and no.

Let us begin, birdseed diet has entered diets for weight control when knowing its diuretic properties, which it does, but with caution.

As the Plantago ovata, also traps fats slowing their absorption.

But here that this only going to lose 12 kilos in one month is secured in a web, there is a very long way.

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Using the birdseed diet

Of course, you can incorporate it as a food supplement that simply knowing aid and never a panacea.

That said, you can use the birdseed diet and incorporating germination your salad. It has a slightly spicy and fresh flavor that brings a gourmet touch to your recipes.

But as better nutritional qualities prey is making a very similar to soy milk or oat plant. You have to follow these steps:

  • Put half cup of birdseed soak overnight.
  • The following day, liquid and rinse strip seeds.
  • Mix the paste in a blender with mineral water to the consistency of choice.

It is best taken early in the morning or evening.

Contraindications of birdseed

Although there is news that properties attributed to lower cholesterol or cure diabetes, you have to know that this is not proven. However, it is known that its ability to increase urine also causes contribute to the growth of kidney stones in people prone to it. So, be very careful with their abuse.

Our advice …

Use the birdseed diet as a vegetable more in a diet head, varied and delicious. Do not you notes to any diet that promises miracles! It almost never works!

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