How to properly dye your eyebrows? Staining for ideal eyebrows

ideal eyebrows

Unfortunately, not all girls have thick ideal eyebrows, which is enough to give a neat shape. Sometimes the hairs on the eyebrows are too rare and the eyebrows are almost invisible. But do not worry! The effect of dense eyebrows can be created using a pencil or special eyebrow shadows.

Choose the color of the ideal eyebrows

Staining for ideal eyebrows

Do not forget: the color of the ideal eyebrows should be selected in accordance with your color. So, bright black eyebrows will decorate a burning brunette, but on her face blondes can look too unnatural. The correct shade of the eyebrows is a bit lighter than the color of the hair. Dark-haired girls should stain eyebrows in dark brown or graphite, and blondes suitable light brown shades. Read more: Hair growth oil: what to choose and how to use it

Drawing ideal eyebrows

a ideal eyebrows

Shadow casting with a shortened beveled dense brush, shading and filling the space between the hairs. A pencil clearly brings only the bottom edge, and from the top shade. Otherwise, the eyebrows will look unnatural and aggressive. And never go beyond the natural shape of the ideal eyebrows. Read more: Castor oil for hair care and beauty

Ideal Eyebrow Care

dye your ideal eyebrows

If the hairs on the eyebrows do not want to lie flat and stick out in different directions, lubricate the eyebrows with a special eyebrow gel and lightly press the hair with your finger for a few seconds. Do this until the hair is used to the desired position.

It is not recommended to cut and trim eyebrows. This just leads to the fact that the hairs start to stick out and become disobedient. Keep reading

To make eyebrows and eyelashes thicker, brush them regularly with a special brush moistened with castor oil or special oil for these purposes. And how do you look after the ideal eyebrows?

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