Preparing For A Colonscopy

Preparing For A Colonscopy

Have to do a colonoscopy?, From our health blog we tell you how to prepare the matter. We are facing a medical procedure that is used to look inside the colon with a device called a colonoscope, a long, flexible tube equipped with a small video camera and light on the end, whose image is clearly shown in TV monitor.

Among the uses is usually done by colonoscopy, include the following:

– Detection of colon cancer.

– Treatment of colon polyps.

– Evaluation of some problems like abdominal or rectal pain, chronic diarrhea, bleeding or active bleeding among others.

Preparing for a colonoscopy

Before starting with colonoscopy, there are several steps you should take before:

– You need to give your doctor a complete list of all medications you are taking, especially those diabetes medications and anticoagulants, including natural supplements, if the shots and if you suffer from allergies to any medications.

– You must also communicate the status of your heart and lungs and other medical conditions that require special attention during the colonoscopy procedure as before and after it.

What to know before colonoscopy?

The doctor will be the one you specific instructions in advance of what you should and should not do before getting a colonoscopy, so you must follow the instructions.

You must thoroughly clean your colon, a part that is often the most difficult of all, and is essential to empty, to examine it in detail.

There are several methods to help clear the bowel, the most important being the following:

– Liquid preparation orally to stimulate bowel movements.

– Special Diets.

– Use of enemas or suppositories.

Keep in mind that you must bear in mind the instructions where indicated what to eat or drink the night before colonoscopy and when to stop eating.

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