Post pregnancy? How to get in shape

Post pregnancy

Having a child is one of the best things for a mom, but often after giving birth, you find yourself having to deal with pregnancy and post kg too much and getting into shape seems one of the hardest things to achieve.

The way there: Diet and exercise!

To achieve good results, first of all it is essential to modify the power supply, which may not be that of the pre-partum, and secondly we have to perform a specific workout. As always it is very important to a specialist who can help you create your specific food plan, that not only should not be a punishment, it must consider the nursing period.

Post pregnancy
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Once we know how and how much to eat we have to assess what the most appropriate training; generally all aerobic activities such as running, swimming, step, (better to avoid the bicycle due to strong pelvic stress during delivery) are important to get in shape as well as bodyweight exercises such as pilates, TRX, yoga, stretching.

The rule is always the same: gradually start and then intensify the workouts based on individual physical condition.

The key issue is to restore the tone and strength of the abdominals with specific exercises useful to decrease the accumulation of localized fat on the hips.

NOTE: Also about abdominal exercises, do not risk them by themselves without knowing the technique or you may have neck pain when the execution is incorrect!

Exercises like squats with the ball or floor exercise or exercises that involve the inner thigh are very important to restore muscle tone and therefore decrease water retention in case any were.

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To restore the genitourinary function (mild impairment from birth) it is essential to train the muscles of the pelvic floor: how to do?

Simply go to contract for 10 seconds the same muscles that you use when trying to hold back the pee; repeat this contraction to 15-20 times for three series each day.

Finally, remember that it is good practice at least half an hour of physical activity a day trying to increase the time and intensity gradually. Do not you think it is an impossible thing to accomplish, just a little ‘perseverance and commitment and you will see that you will return in the form in less than no time!

Do not give up, the results will come soon!

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