Parents of asthmatic children required for research

Around one in 12 children in the UK suffers from asthma, a chronic condition associated with the airways to the lungs. These airways, known as bronchial tubes, move air in and out of the lungs, but when a child has asthma, these airways become inflamed. The result is a coughing, wheezing child who suffers from shortness of breath.

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While diagnosis is the key to managing asthma, because there are so many different causes, such as hay fever and pollutants, many children live with undiagnosed asthma. This is a particularly damaging situation, as left unmanaged, most children with asthma learn to avoid activities, such as sports, which may lead to an attack. In later life, worries about socialising can occur, for fear of becoming ill.

Asthma research

Every day, across the UK, research supported by UK charities is working towards better techniques for diagnosing asthma in children and better treatment options. From inhalers to oral medications, every medicine your doctor may offer you has been tried and tested before it has been approved. However, to bring these medicines to the general public, small groups of volunteers are needed to help establish their efficacy.

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As the parent of a child with asthma, you may have considered enrolling your child in paid research studies, with clinics like the ones at, but have been unsure about the safety or convenience of these trails. However, at this level of research, all medicines have already been thoroughly tested for safety. Many of the medicines are already beíng prescribed for other uses and these tests want to establish if they can help asthma at all, or the test may want to establish just how effective the medicines are.

Parents and children needed

Unlike adult medical trials for new medicines, children’s trials are often conducted with check-ups and questionnaires. There is no hospital stay expected of you. However much time and effort you can offer will be appreciated. The most important thing is that you want to help.

A brighter future

For those who do take part, the rewards can be much more than financial. With you and your child’s help, other children who have not yet been diagnosed, or who have not yet found the right medication, will have a better chance of a brighter future.

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