Natural remedies for dark circles, how to make them disappear

dark circles

Insomnia, stress, allergies, poor nutrition, thinning of the skin: these are the main causes of one of the “aesthetic problems” popular and hated by women (but men are starting to run for cover), which is the swelling of the skin (often associated with hyper pigmentation) around the eyes. Translated from “medichese”, we are talking of dark circles and bags under the eyes. It is a difficult to conceal blemishes, but can be successfully treated using cosmetics is dedicated both by resorting to natural remedies, maybe with less immediate practical and economic effects but safe. Let’s try to see what solutions “do it yourself” turn out more effective against bags.

dark circles
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Among the natural remedies for dark circles, a first tip comes directly … from your kitchen: you can just blend together a tomato and a few drops of lemon to get a great natural remedy to be applied on the skin around the eyes (perhaps with the help of a handkerchief or a cotton gauze) and leave for about ten minutes before rinsing the face well. The invigorating action and “deflating” the tomato will gradually disappear dark circles. Oh, and if you forward a bit ‘of juice … drink it: it is rich in antioxidants that maintain beautiful and toned skin!

Then there is the natural remedy perhaps best known (also because it is often seen quoted at the cinema): the slice of cucumber, which must be supported on the eye closed for a quarter of an hour – but one can also opt in this case for the version of the wrapping: Moisten a soft cloth with cucumber and apply on eyes for 15 minutes more and juice, effectively ensured!

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Also as part of the direct applications (we could talk about “topical”), should not be overlooked natural remedies as good as the raw potato slices, coconut oil, lemon slices, the bags used tea (cooled and squeeze); there are even those who suggest a cold milk-based mini-pack, as the lactic acid would seem to favor the disappearance of swelling and classic dark coloring of dark circles and bags.

Beyond this, one of the natural remedies for dark circles can also be made to return the devices in power, since the circles can be formed when adopting unbalanced diets. So take foods rich in antioxidants (fruits, onions, pulses, tea, etc.) And vitamin C (oranges, carrots, peppers, lettuce etc.) Is very useful as these nutrients exert a beneficial effect on the capillaries, strengthening them: is the weakening of the latter, in fact, to contribute to the swelling of the skin.

Last advice, but perhaps the most important: try to reread the natural remedies for dark circles that we have recommended and think what is the common element. Apply for so many minutes, leave … it means primarily stand still and relax! So, no more stress and bustle, you will find a time of day to be dedicated to relaxation and self-care!

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