Myths About Dieting

Myths About Dieting

You know what the myths about dieting are? You count them on our blog of Health. Every time we take more seriously the power, either by the growing cult of beauty and fitness, or direct relationship between good nutrition and good health and prevent disease.

However, this interest has led to pseudo-experts or people throwing erroneous theories that can lead to cause serious health problems in all those people looking to lose weight through diet arise.

What are the myths about dieting?

Therefore, in our particular we wanted to review a number of myths that have no scientific basis and, therefore, should not be taken into account when starting a weight loss regimen:

– The carbohydrates are fattening

We’ve all heard this phrase on occasion, either when referring to pasta, potatoes or bread. We should note that carbohydrates are the main source of energy with which our body. Hence, our body needs a minimum amount each day, otherwise it will use nutrients such as protein and fat, with consequent negative effects it may cause.

In addition, these foods are an important source of fiber, which helps increase satiety, so fewer calories are ingested, usually fats that do that are harmful.

Instead, it hydrates to avoid foods that come from industrial sources, such as scones, pastries and any kind of sweet, as well as carbohydrates, provide a lot of very bad fats, hence need to be removed of a diet.

– Water in the food fattening

It is one of the great lies that based on repeated some people end up believing. Water is calorie so it is impossible for fattening. What is recommended is to take it before meals, as this causes us to be fuller and therefore eat less amount then.

– Fruits fattening if eaten after a meal

No matter when we take a fruit, since the caloric intake will not change. If we take it before it does help to be satisfied by providing fiber, causing then eat less. But in any case, the order does not take any food varies its calories.

– The light foods help us lose weight

As we have seen on occasion in the blog, these foods have fewer calories than normal, but consumed in excess, are also helping us to increase weight. Also, sometimes these foods contain some very unsavory ingredients.

– Whole foods are not fattening

Whole foods are very beneficial because they provide plenty of fiber, but the other components do not differ much refined foods, so neither can abuse their consumption. Yes, are highly recommended in any diet, since fiber is one of the great allies in our body, improves intestinal transit, reduces blood cholesterol and prevents many diseases. All these benefits make highly recommended, but not because help reduce the number of calories.

– Vitamins fat

Like vitamins do not thin, not fat, simply because they provide no calories.

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